A message from the CEO

Sumit Nag
Author Centre for Australia-India Relations
Date 20 May 24

What is your research topic seeking to answer/explain?

My research, titled "Selective Electroreduction of CO2 to Ethylene at Ambient Conditions," aims to develop an efficient, sustainable pathway for converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into ethylene, a valuable chemical feedstock. This study delves into the mechanisms behind the selective electroreduction of CO2, striving to mitigate the reliance on fossil fuels for ethylene production. Ethylene serves as a foundational component in manufacturing plastics, polymers, and various industrial chemicals. The current production methods, heavily dependent on fossil fuel derivatives, exacerbate carbon emissions and environmental degradation. My research proposes an electrochemical alternative for ethylene synthesis from CO2, offering a greener and more sustainable method that aligns with environmental sustainability efforts.

How is your research going to contribute to STEM research in Australia and India?

This research holds promise for significant advancements in STEM fields within Australia and India by addressing critical environmental challenges through the way of electrochemistry, catalysis, and materials science. For Australia, it aligns with the national objective of transitioning to a low-carbon economy by enhancing capabilities in renewable energy technologies. In India, grappling with substantial CO2 emissions and surging energy needs, innovative CO2 conversion technologies could be pivotal in mitigating climate change impacts and promoting sustainable growth. The collaboration between Australian and Indian academics could foster mutual benefits, including technology transfer and joint innovation, thereby propelling STEM research forward in both countries.

What are you most excited for during your trip to Australia?

I am immensely excited about the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with fellow scholars in Australia, especially in areas concerning sustainable energy and environmental sustainability. My visit is not just an academic mission but a journey towards personal enrichment and inspiration, driven by Australia's rich natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and unique ecosystems. I look forward to experiencing the blend of academic excellence and natural beauty that Australia is renowned for, enriching both my professional and personal life. This trip promises a spectrum of learning experiences, from engaging with cutting-edge research to exploring Australia's vibrant cities and breath-taking natural wonders.