Maitri Research Grants

The Maitri Research Grants program supports research activities to build business capability and create opportunities for greater collaboration between Australia and India. 

Funding will support research into new avenues for industry collaboration and opportunities to commercialise Australia's technical capabilities with India. 

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The inaugural Maitri Research Grants program round is divided into two programs:

  • Research into new forms of industry collaboration with India

Research case studies to discover new forms of industry collaboration beyond existing pathways (funding up to $300,000)

  • Accelerated commercialisation of research

Supporting collaboration to investigate Indian market opportunities for Australian technology (funding up to $300,000)

The priority areas for the Maitri Research Grants Round 1 are:

  • Space 
  • Defence 
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy transition
  • Mobility 
  • Critical technologies (including semiconductors) 
  • Agribusiness 
  • Critical minerals  
  • Sustainable mining 
  • Advanced manufacturing 


Full details of all Maitri grant opportunities, including grant guidelines, are available on the Australian Government's website GrantConnectWe recommend you register on GrantConnect to receive automatic notifications and information about upcoming rounds.

You must read and understand the eligibility criteria and program objectives stated in the grant guidelines before commencing an application. Ineligible applications will not progress to the assessment stage.


Applications for the Maitri Research Grants program is now closed. 

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