A message from the CEO

Author Centre for Australia-India Relations
Date 20 May 24

What is your research topic seeking to answer/explain? 

The transport sector is responsible for about 20% of greenhouse emissions. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the most essential means to zero-emission transport systems, and many countries are pushing the uptake of EVs in both public and private sectors. An effective shift to electric cars, buses and trucks requires complicated planning to account for specific characteristics of a fleet system and its interaction with the power grid (i.e., distribution system). This project aims to study the multifaceted problem of effective design, planning, and operation of electrification of transport by considering mobility requirements, constraints imposed by the electricity grid and consumer benefits.

How is your research going to contribute to STEM research in Australia and India? 

Electricity market operators and distribution network service providers (DNSPs) in Australia and India foresee an urgent need to develop coordinated strategies for electric vehicles (EVs). The following challenges are noteworthy for the electrification of transportation, which will be addressed in this project and essential for Australian and Indian research communities (STEM Research, power system). 

  • Peak system loading with non-coordinated EV charging;

  • EV users’ convenience vs. cost EV charging coordination with renewables; 

The project aims to create a comprehensive solution for the electrification issue that will consider the price of electricity, power network limitations, available renewable energy, and customer preferences. This will enable economic, network, environmentally and customer-friendly integration of electric vehicles (EVs) into Australia and India's networks.

What are you most excited for during your trip to Australia? 

Several points about my study in Australia fascinate me. I am really excited to explore the Australian value of life and explore the new and emerging research and industry practices in the area of clean energy transition and EV integration. The program also allows me to work with industry personnel, understand real industry issues, and train on commercialisation.