A message from the CEO

Ancy Joseph
Author Centre for Australia-India Relations
Date 20 May 24

What is your research topic seeking to answer/explain?

The research topic is aimed to address critical challenges in blood storage technology. Blood transfusions are an essential part of present-day healthcare, saving many lives. However, current plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) blood bags have limitations, including short shelf life and potential bacterial and chemical contamination risks. To overcome these limitations and to enhance the efficacy and safety of blood transfusion procedures, this research attempts to fabricate multifunctional nanostructured surfaces on PVC blood storage bags using advanced manufacturing techniques like plasma etching, wet etching, reactive ion etching and UV lithography. It is hypothesized that such nanostructured surface modification can hinder bacterial contamination and limit the leaching of toxic plasticizers from PVC bags resulting in improved safety and extended shelf life of blood storage bags. I believe this project has the potential to significantly impact healthcare outcomes by improving blood storage technology.

How is your research going to contribute to STEM research in Australia and India?

The project "fabrication of safe polyvinyl chloride (PVC) blood storage bags using advanced manufacturing techniques" holds immense potential to boost STEM research in Australia and India. The project aims to develop the next generation of PVC blood storage bags with enhanced safety and efficiency. Blood samples that have been stored in these efficient bags can be used by researchers to study illnesses and create cures. Researchers benefit indirectly from the project's advancement of blood preservation technology, which gives them access to high-quality blood samples for their research. The study also investigates cost -effective scalable commercialization techniques that may have real-world implications and encourage developments in the industrial sector. In summary, this research not only enhances STEM research capabilities in Australia and India, but also targets the future of the entire health sector regarding safe blood transfusion. Its impact extends beyond academia, influencing industries, economies, and global well-being.

What are you most excited for during your trip to Australia?

During my trip to Australia, I am most excited about immersing myself in the rich cultural tapestry of the country. I am particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of engaging in immersive academic experiences that transcend the boundaries of conventional learning environments, enriching the research experience and broadening intellectual horizons.  Additionally, I eagerly anticipate fostering collaborations with esteemed colleagues and institutions, engaging in intellectual discourse, and attending academic conferences and workshops that facilitate knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration. This journey not only promises to deepen my understanding of my research area but also offers the chance to cultivate global perspectives, broaden my scholarly network, and contribute meaningfully to the academic discourse within my field.