A message from the CEO

Author Centre for Australia-India Relations
Date 20 May 24

Which foreign or trade policy issue are you most interested in tackling?

My research will focus on Australia-India cooperation in critical minerals for clean energy and critical technologies. Using clean energy technologies as a case study, I seek to identify critical minerals, map their supply chains from source to processing, and finally, analyse decommissioning processes in India and Australia. Securing critical mineral supply chains is a strategic priority for both countries, as well as important in multilateral groupings such as the Quad. 

How is your research going to promote policy translation and public discourse in Australia and/or India? 

A key output from my research will be to produce a practical playbook for Australian and Indian policymakers on trusted supply chains for critical minerals in the clean energy sector. We will also provide policy recommendations for Australian and Indian government collaboration on critical minerals supply chains and recycling of clean energy technologies. Both outputs will be released at a launch event inviting policymakers and researchers to engage with these insights.

Our work will be translated into media publications addressed to the larger community of policymakers, industry, researchers and the public in India and Australia.  Finally, research findings will be shared as an episode on Tech Policy Design Centre’s podcast for Australian audiences. 

What are you most excited for during your trip to Australia? 

I am excited to engage and learn from Australia’s policy experts, public officials, and industry working on technology policy issues, and share insights from my work and experience in India. I am also keen to engage with academics and researchers working on technology and society and find opportunities for a meaningful exchange of ideas.  I most certainly look forward to travelling to Australia’s vibrant cultural centres such as Sydney and Melbourne and exploring the natural beauty the continent has to offer.