Maitri Scholars Program

The Maitri Scholars Program will support India’s top students to study at Australia’s world class universities. The scholarships prioritise students undertaking postgraduate studies in STEM-related disciplines.

The Maitri Scholars Program aims to deepen educational links, and connect scholars and alumni with Australian business to support greater economic ties between Australia and India.

The Maitri scholarships will be made available through a direct grant process with Australian universities.

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India’s best
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Australia’s world
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Scholarship benefits include:

  • a one-off payment for establishment costs and travel allowance, including, an economy class airfare to Australia, visa, passport, overseas student health cover, travel insurance and temporary accommodation
  • a significant contribution to tuition fees
  • a monthly stipend
  • funding towards professional development, including attendance at functions and events organised by the Centre and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Scholars will join an alumni community, managed by the Centre, to share their experiences and continue to develop knowledge of and professional links with Australia, including the Indian diaspora community.


Applications must be submitted by an Australian university.

Universities will nominate potential scholars for consideration by the Centre for Australia-India Relations (Centre). To be eligible the scholar must:  

  • be an Indian citizen 
  • not be a current citizen or permanent resident of Australia  
  • be a new Australian university enrolment
  • have completed an eligible Higher Degree by Research (HDR) application through the nominating Australian university  
  • ensure they are proposing to study an approved course with suitably qualified academic and industry panel oversight at the nominated campus. An approved course of study is a postgraduate Higher Degree by Research (HDR) - Masters (by research) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies in STEM-related fields of advanced manufacturing, critical technology (incl. batteries), critical minerals, and clean energy solutions  
  • be willing and able to participate in Maitri professional development events and functions organised by the Centre, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or their Australian university and, if possible, a work placement/ internship  
  • hold a valid Student (subclass 500) visa for the duration of the scholarship  
  • adhere to the Maitri Scholars Program Agreement and associated documents including the Australia Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.


Prospective scholars do not apply directly to the Centre.  

Scholars are nominated by their prospective Australian university.  Students commencing study in 2024 who are interested in a Maitri Scholarship, should contact their Australian university to express interest. 

Australian universities can apply through GrantConnect.

For information about Australian universities and study in Australia, visit the Study Australia website.

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